"Through strategic business development conducted by the Angel Group, we focused on managerial development. We enabled Angel to streamline and lead us safely to the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning. We have been able to expand the destinations we work in the world and to expand our range of customers.

I would like to point out that the company's staff is very experienced, thank you.

Itzik Weinstein, CEO
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"I would like to recommend Angel group as a business and strategic consultant specializing in the process of M&A. With the professional team at Angel, we conducted a diagnosis for finding relevant brands in the ophthalmology industry and became the leading company in technology and quality of work.

I thank Joseph Angel and the staff for their faithful work, Best regards"

Hovev Nutman, Chairman
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"We underwent a strategic diagnosis for branding and marketing our products in the retail sector. We have undergone a process of visual re-branding, built a marketing array accordingly and we have produced a national campaign in a variety of media channels including the production of television programs and brand promotions.

Angel group help our company to take a big step forward into a significant stage in our development as a strong and independent firm.I thank you from the bottom of my heart,"

Ofer Gabbay, Co - CEO
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"Angel Group has helped us a lot in transferring the metal recycling plant in the areas of planning, operations, management and control. Bottom line, with the help of Angel group, we have been able to save resources and achieve our goals.

Together we succeeded in building one of the most advanced plant in the world, thank you."

Eliezer Olshak, Chairman & CEO

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"Angel Group has been with us for a long time. Starting with defining our strategy, forming our vision, creating procedures, characterizing and implementing new technology adapted to the company's future needs. In addition, we received a variety of management tools that serve us for the long term.

I highly recommend working with Big Angel"

Haim Pupko, Chairman
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"Angel helped us a lot. Through a complex and challenging process, Angel Group has made us one of the leading firms in its field. Angel Group has developed our management skills, conducted ongoing monitoring and helped us to promote managerial development with great efficiency.

I would like to thank and recommend the excellent business development services we have undergone. Thanks to this process, we continue to grow in a very competitive environment. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank all the staff at Angel"

Natalie Even, Co - CEO
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