Real Estate

Real estate development

Most companies, at some point in their evolution, are faced with the daunting task of relocation. Perhaps a company has outgrown its existing facility and simply needs more space. Perhaps it is more advantageous to be closer to key customers. Maybe the current location no longer has the infrastructure required to support the business.

Relocating your plant

Whatever the reason for relocating a plant, remember that the new location must allow the company to achieve the following objectives:

  • The plant layout must minimize product throughput time, so the company can offer the most competitive lead times.
  • The machines and equipment should be used effectively.
  • There should be the right amount of inventory to effectively service the customers.
  • Product quality levels should be excellent.
  • A workforce must allow the company to continuously improve its competitive position by understanding and implementing each of the previous four objectives.

Real Estate entrepreneur

Managing a real estate project is a fascinating and multi-dimensional challenge. You are required to act simultaneously on many levels and to integrate at the highest level. Complex projects, many stakeholders and a changing environment. The dynamism of the business world in general, and of real estate, requires the real estate enterprise to constantly update new issues and new solutions.

Like a new plant

To guarantee turnkey plant relocation, we not only consider the actual production plant itself, but also the infrastructure necessary for operation, such as production halls, manufacturing resources and much more – just as if we were supplying a new turnkey factory.

We supply you with foundations, halls, conversions of existing buildings, infrastructural measures and even general production resources from a one-stop source.

Don’t forget your tech

Once the project has been meticulously planned, its realization commences: our dismantling experts strip down the used components and make them ready for transport. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the plants of all suppliers, they can work on every plant and every plant configuration – no matter whether this involves the latest robot technology or standard technologies.

Our wealth of experience applies to all plant components, be it preparation equipment, shaping equipment, machinery or kilns and dryers.

Real estate ROI

Angel Group is fully dedicated to enhancing real estate assets. With Commercial Brokerage, Residential Brokerage, Property Management, Receivership, and Real Estate Advisory divisions, we help our clients maximize their return on investment in all types of real estate assets. We offer a full range of turnkey services for buyers, sellers, and investors.

Municipal Projects

Government spending now represents about 25 percent of the $55 trillion total global economy. Angel works with national and regional governments, city municipalities, quasi-government agencies such as development funds and trade associations as well as government-owned companies to realize their economic and social goals.

We are dedicated to providing professional, technical, and managerial consulting services that help meet your community’s needs while obtaining maximum value for your limited tax dollars.